Monday, 13 February 2012


My students make some amazing work sometimes. Not a day goes by that I am not blown away by the marks they make, the connections they discover or the techniques they master. Of course, they don't listen to me on it, prefer instead to think things happen as a 'fluke', or are in fact 'rubbish'. Try as I might, young people find it hard to see what I see in their work.

These are taken from a worksheet called 'Artist Study' in which we look at and draw from Artist work. The theme of the project is Cityscapes.

I love the difference between the fragile marks, the ghostly shapes and the vivid explosions depending on which artist is being studied. We looked at: Edward Hopper, Jacob Dahlgren, Canaletto, Chris Burden, Ball&Nogues and Rachel Whiteread.
Now I must stop messing about on here (my favorite waste of time), as it is Valentines Eve and I have just had a phone call for a rush-job commission for tomorrow... away to the sewing machine *poof*
Love, me x

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