Tuesday, 14 February 2012

coffee dates

I am lucky to have some very good friends. I don't have a billion friends but the few I do have are of the very highest quality and carefully selected. I take my time with that. I have made some rubbish choices in my past and got involved with people for all the wrong reasons, resulting in chaos, something which I have worked hard to rid my life of.

I don't much like going our to pubs/ clubs etc, never have - they make me feel awkward. But I do like coffee and dinner dates.
At Christmas my friend Anna was given some money and as is her way, she decided to share that good fortune and invited us out for coffee at our favorite place: 'Boscanova' in Boscombe. A weird place with a high percentage of tramps and addicts (no joke), but also pockets of creative types and organisations striving to help those with their struggles.

It is such a creative space. I love the decor, and the coffees, lattes, chai and gorgeous healthy food are delicious (especially the mushroom halloumi burger).

It is my favorite place to have coffee, but I don't go too much or else it would lose its effect on me.

Today is Valentines, and I spent some time with Anna then went shopping with my daughter to spend her Christmas vouchers (finally). We are cooking up something delicious for dinner as a treat. Tomorrow we are off to London on an adventure. Can't flippin' wait (especially as I won some 1st class train tickets a while ago which we are using so no driving).

I'm single and happy by the way. Valentines normally hacks me off but I tried to make it a positive day with fun things planned, and to see it as 'love' day. One day I'll find my Wesley but until then I am seriously content.

Lots of love to you all, me x x x


  1. Hello, this is Anna as in "Anna from hanging out earlier".
    I love reading your blog and it was awesome to see those Boscanova pics.
    Thanks for the shout to the Pinterest site, I've only been on it for 10 mins but feel really inspired already.
    You work in the window at Coastal is looking fab(I walked past on the way home today). Thank you for the super card from not-quite-winning-but-sort-of-winning your recent competition. I think Dan got a bit confused for a moment when he saw it!!
    Can't wait to see your London pics, I know you'll just photo EVERYTHING!
    Much love,
    Anna xx

  2. Oh hello Anna from earlier...
    thank you for all these kind words, glad you saw the display. Hope yo make amazing things based on what you find on Pinterest...it is rather addictive but probably essential to us creative types (kinda like being at college and being surrounded by other peoples ideas that inspire you). let me know i it leads to anything fabulous that I can then commission :) x x x

  3. I am very envious of that coffee shop! I hope you're having a fabulous time in London! :) Valentines Day needs to be more widely regarded as a Love-Day , it should be about doing things you love, with people you love, not spending crazy amounts of money on people, or being sad that you haven't got a Valentine! Axxx

  4. Amen Amy. And yes I did have a fab time in London. Glad to be back in the cozy quiet of Dorset once more though x x


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