Saturday, 18 February 2012

DIY(ish) Travel Art Journal

Last week we went on a little trip to London, to visit the Tate gallery as well as my very good friend from college days.
Before leaving home I usually pack up my Art Journal and essential supplies for working in it, but this time I had to think of a new plan as my Journal is almost finished. I came up with a really exciting spark of late night genius at about 11pm the night before (why does my brain do this to me?)

I gathered up the following supplies:

Yes, I took all this with me in favour of an outfit change for day two (some things are worth the sacrifice). I made up two sets of papers all stuffed into the little envelope for myself and my daughter, to keep us occupied whilst on trains etc (she is 12 now, just so you know how age appropriate this activity is).
She was into it straight away (I did the big reveal on the train), and I am happy to say although she took her Nintendo DS for moments of boredom she never actually fired it up but kept working on her journal instead. Here are the results of mine, inspired by what we were doing at various times over the two days:

I absolutely loved making this work and freeing myself up to work on individual pieces that go together was liberating. Working to a time limit was great too and I really was determined to use all my original papers as well as others I added (like train tickets and receipts).

So if you feel like breaking out of sketchbooks or want a compact travel version, give it a go! I will definately do it again.
I have decided to work on individual papers for my next Art Journal and have just ordered some metal binder rings to hold them together. I will share more on this soon.

Love, me x


  1. This is amazing! (plus, are these taken on your new camera?! the light is fabulous!) I love journals, and I agree, there is something really motivating about working under the time constraints that travel journals provide! I kept a journal when I went to Spain last summer and it was so much fun! I hope you had fun in London! :D

    (also in response to your comment on my blog - Yes! ELO are fabulous for dancing! Cat is very good for emotional singing/shouting (in my case!) along to lyrics! I Can't Keep It In is my current favourite to sing along to! Total 70s babes. I was seriously born in the wrong era. The 90s have nothing on the seventies!) <3 x

  2. Ah thanks for the kind words. Yes haha new cameraaaaa! So cool actually for a liddle dude. I got a Nikon Coolpix (reduced by 115 quids to 69). I will make it work for me :)
    I am going to rely on you from now on to lead me into your musical cheery world, as I listen to wrist cuttingly sad music most of the time (current fave 'found love in a graveyard' by Veronica Falls). I am glad it is ok to like ELO again. We would rock in the 70s, will just have to do our best to work it into this new fangled world!! haha x x

    1. Ooh!! I've got a lovely Nikon Coolpix sitting around - it's about 5yrs old and still works like a dream! :D And also, yay for snagging a bargain! Hehe, I do have a penchant for wrist-cuttingly sad music, but I try and stamp down on it, as it can make me feel too negative! I'll give Found Love In A Graveyard a listen! Always open to new music :) It is always okay to like ELO ;) Yesss we will! hehe xx

  3. Hello you - wow I am so impressed (but not surprised) by your incredible project, and I have to agree with Amy (hi Amy) about your new camera. I really like the colours you've used and the font styles. I would be interested to see the young un's work too, would you post some of her work?
    Love from Anna x
    You gotta show me how to post comments as myself and not as anonymous!

    1. Hello Lovely! Thank you for the likings and lovely comments :) The young-uns work will be posted up here this week fer-sher but right now I can't cos I am making broccoli and cheese soup which I am also posting on de blog today!

      Ok, to add your name you need to post a message using a google ID (I think your gmail works) see if that helps?
      Lovey dovey x x

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Art journaling is the best! I like the envelope idea. That's really great that your daughter jumped in. Those journals will be awesome to look back on. I don't have kids but I know how attached my little sisters are to their DSs.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. She did love it and I was so surprised by how absorbed she was. I do have to find a special place to keep them (probably along with some photographs from the trip too), now I need to make a nice box for keepsakes! :)


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