Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentines Display

So I told you a while ago that Coastal Creatives asked me to make some canvases for them. Well, when I went back to hand everything in I took a few pictures of the window displays to share with you as my work made it into the Valentines display (in fact while I was taking pictures some ladies were commenting on my piece, saying how much they loved it!) sneeky peeks of opinion are great.

Spot them?

Also made the 'Love' canvas on the little stand. Yups, that's three of my pieces in the window!

Here's the whole shop. I am so grateful to be part of what they do, such lovely people and beautiful things in there.

This one just shows inside where my work has it's own little space with information about private commissions. So exciting!

I am also delighted to tell you that I have been approached to do a solo show of my work, both crafty and arty. More details to follow, but needless to say this is a dream come true!

Do you have big dreams?
Love, me x


  1. So inspiring! That looks like the cutest shop too. I wish I lived near the sea and had access to cute shops like that!! All the shops near me are fast food shops! Sigh. hehe. <3

  2. Aw Amy, so sadface!! Well you can come and visit me and I will take you to cute-shopsville (Southbourne), there are a few nice ones there. I love kebabs tho, so we might have to trade :)


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